Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome to our new page!

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about TORBA and advocacy for mountain bikers in Toronto.
TORBA (the Toronto Off-Road Cycling Association) represents the interests of mountain bikers and other off-road cyclists in Toronto. It wasn’t long ago that we faced the possibility of trail closures in the Don Valley, due to conflict with other users and misunderstandings about mountain biking as a sustainable sport.

Today TORBA works with the City of Toronto's Department of Parks, Forestry and Recreation to improve the safety and enjoyment of off-road cyclists, particularly in the Don Valley. This has involved the creation of several kilometres of new, sustainable trail, the closure of erosion prone and sensitive areas, and new trail access and signage. TORBA has a large base of volunteers that are regularly involved in city run trail build days and our own garbage clean up days.

This is a great start to improving the experience of trail users, but we need your help continue this momentum.

We need increased support to fulfill some of our new initiatives. These include:

- A skills park in the Don Valley

- Increase the extent of the trails recognized by the City of Toronto

- Increased volunteer lead trail building and maintenance

All of these initiatives are well underway, but we need more support to make them happen effectively.

Keep coming back to our new page, it’ll soon have more information about upcoming dates and events. In the meantime:

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